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  • Nikon D750
  • -----
  • -----
  • f14
  • 30 sec
  • 3200
  • n/a
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The Story

The story behind this photo is pretty cool, this was taken after a 12 hour wedding at -27 degrees Celsius (-40 with the windchill ☃️❄️😅). My second shooter and I had just finished our coverage for the wedding but I really wanted to get a night shot of the venue for the couple and for myself. It was honestly the coldest ever and the wind was brutal . - The warm fire in the cabin was calling ( actually screaming!!) my name but I had to pursue this idea….honestly I shot two perhaps three frames and we had to go as we could not feel our hands and we were exhausted from the fun yet long wedding day! - Beyond thankful and speechless this image was number 10 THANK YOU EVERYONE <3 this will push me to not stop because is so cold, it is encouraging me to keep trying new things even when Im dead tired <3